Valkyrie’s Guarantee

Valkyrie Cane Corso
“Manus Manum Lavat”



We offer a two year health guarantee on all of our puppies. We are very selective with our breeding program and strive to produce the best Cane Corso in the world. Our guarantee covers any genetic illness or disease to include hip and elbow dysplasia. We do our best to take preventive measures against producing puppies with genetic issues, however if for any reason one of our puppies does start to develop any genetic problems over the period of two years, then we will simply replace the puppy. You will not have to return the original, as most breeders will require you to do, they are your loved ones. We feel that our puppies deserve the best from both their families and us as responsible breeders.

In addition, we also offer a temperament guarantee as well. We do temperament testing on each of our puppies before we place them with a new family. We take steps to provide the best suitable puppy with the best suitable family. We do not sale with a first come first serve policy. We are in no hurry to sale a puppy just as you as a buyer should seek out the right breeder before you decide to purchase a puppy.