Cane Corso Info

One of the most important things we can possibly do as a breeder is help inform the public about our breed that we have fallen so head over heals over. Potential new owners need to have an understanding what to expect of these dogs as with all breeds. The Cane Corso is a unique dog that will greatly reward those that are educated about them ahead of time. They are probably the most versatile dog on the planet with such a broad field of working capabilities but also one of the most loyal breeds. That loyalty, destined to be a member of your family, not just a dog. They have strong will and do need to be molded to fit your needs. We do provide life time support with all of our dogs and seek out those who are ready for a dog of this caliber. To help achieve this we are providing you with links to help point you in the right direction.

As of 2/22/2012 we are constructing this page. Please check back soon.