Cane Corso Dogs for Sale

We do sell adult and juvenile Cane Corso. These are dogs we held back from a litter to place in our breeding or working programs. They are trained and are the absolute best examples of the breed. These dogs do well with either companion, show, service or therapy, professional security agencies, law enforcement, defense contractors, and the protection sport enthusiasts. We do maintain a waiting list for these dogs so if this is the route you wish to take vs a puppy, feel free to contact us. Prices are dictated by the level of training the dog receives. Demonstrations are available for the serious consumer and highly recommended.
Off Leash Obedience– $9700.00 Graduated for life
Handler focused in all environments and all around distractions with home and public environment confidence. Competition level of obedience and fluent in all commands in language of choice. These dogs are extremely focused on the owner and want to work. A happy and positive attitude with zero nuisance behaviors in the house or outside in any environment. Just a great dog all around that is proven.

Service Dog– $16000.00 and up depending on specific tasks

Off leash level obedience and required tasks such as carrying bags, picking up objects, allergy or epileptic alert, etc. These dogs will be allowed to go anywhere in public, fly in cabin of airliner, etc. Minimum training time is 8 months.
Green Dogs-$11200.00-$15000.00
These dogs are typically dogs that have been proven to show three basic things, drive to bite (prey and defense), drive for obedience (pack drive), and hunt drive (searching for object). In most cases, individuals or agencies that purchase these dogs are going to finish the dog’s training within their own training program. These dogs typically do not have any titles in  sports like Schutzhund, Mondio Ring, or French Ring, KNPV or other..
Deterrent Dogs-$15000.00-$54000
These dogs will typically bite and have very impressive obedience, however may not have the character to fight through serious opposition. These dogs will scare off the teenager trying to steel your bicycle or your skateboard, but will not scare off the serious attacker. Often times, these dogs are titled in Schutzhund, Mondio Ring, and French Ring. These dogs are normally easier to live with than Man Stoppers. These dogs are what mostly people in US know about protection Dogs.
Man Stoppers– $39000.00-$69000.00 and more depending if owner would like to title Dogs.
This Dog is true Elite Personal Protection Dog. These are the dogs that are going to have the character and the training to fight through serious physical opposition and serious psychological pressure in Defense drive. This is a dog that will have bite that is very full and deep and calm, he (dog) pushes forward into the grip when fighting. This is a serious dog that will go civil (without a suit and wants to bite because he perceives intruder as a Life treat). This is the dog that most people think they want, and everybody is claiming to sell.  This dog is typically going to be A LOT of dog to deal with. He is typically going to need a lot of training and follow up maintenance training. This is a fully finished dog that has all the potential to do the job and had the proper training and appropriate exposure on top of that. This is a dog that will be ready to do his job as quickly as he bonds to his new handler. His training can be modified or built upon to fit the needs of his new handler. To have a dog like that you need the right genetics and training specifically designed and finished with the owner. We also do additional tasks like Home Search, Object Search, Tracking suspect or a family member that wondered off, Watching kids by the pool (in case they fall in to pull them out), Carry suitcase and guard. Static  Bite. Great with other Dogs and strangers, Dogs, cats, etc. Search for Drugs or weapons on a guest, find cell phone. We can also add client specific tasks.
Top Obedience, Top Bite work and pursuing, Guarding object or premises, search home and socialized on all levels.
Meet the Trainer
In a profession without governing regulations you must absolutely have the best of the best. Your Family, your home, your life, or the life of someone else may depend on your dog. Do not settle for any less, that choice could end up with fatal consequences.
 Owner of Horizon K9 Security  and Your Dog Guru.
Jimi Livshitz has been involved in training dogs since 1985. His first Dog was a mid size abandoned and abused shepherd mix male named Miki. After all work Jimi put into Miki went on to work as a Service Dog with a local disabled person assisting with epileptic seizures detection. Learning to train and rehabilitate Dogs from descendants of Rudolphina Menzel. Jimi gained his experience by working with all different breeds and for different purpose. By the time Jimi was 15 he was training top detection, cadaver dogs, guide, and seizure alert. He continued apprenticing under many of the best trainers at the time. Jimi spent many years training and competing with his GSD Nora in protection and obedience to SCH- III level competitor. He traveled to Europe numerous times to continue his education in Germany and Holland later consulting with Police operations with KNPV . During this time while serving in Israeli Defense Force, Jimi trained and successfully deployed many K9 Teams for tactical real life situations. During the time of service he was influential and essential part in OKETZ.. Fluent in Hebrew, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Italian, and Dutch.   


Demonstrated success record in:

  • K9 Training in Detection, Protection and Tracking.
  • K9 Sports: KNPV, French Ring, Schutzhund.
  • Experienced with both Training and directing training and deployment.
  • K9 School and K9 Trainers and Handlers Seminars.
  • Motivating staff to peak performance levels.

Proven record of initiative and success in K9 management.


  • K-9 Training
  • Narcotics and Explosives
  • Military K-9 Operations
  • Competitive / Strategic Planning
  • Search and Rescue
  • Breeding and Genetics



Serving in Israeli Military Special Forces                                                                                     1992 – 1998

Discharged as Rav Seren Rank (Major)
Extensive background supervising, directing and planning working patrol, explosive and detection dog teams in a combat environment.

Maglan Special Unit K9 Operation
K9 Training Course for Patrol, Explosives and Narcotics 1993
LOTAR Course for counter terror and Reconnaissance
Officer Courses at Military Academy at (Bad Ehad), Israel  1994

Now Ask Yourself, “Who do you want to tune your High Level Security System?”