Cane Corso Price


All too often people inquire about prices and are turned away due to them. The fact is you will get what you pay for every time. We get comments that our prices are too high. In reality, they are more than fair. The problem is, there are a lot of people that will sale a Cane Corso that will simply take your money. They will breed what they have, usually just one male and one female, and call it good. What you will get, however, is a dog that doesn’t meet the breed standard, doesn’t look or act like a Cane Corso, or worst, have genetic life threatening illnesses that will cost you many times more in vet bills to save your loved ones life, if you are lucky. A good breeder is very selective on a pair of dogs to be bred. Any dog that has genetic illnesses, bad temperament, or does not meet breed standard will not be bred. Back yard breeders, pet stores, and puppy brokers are the worst. A good breeder will not sale a puppy to a pet store or puppy broker, infact it is against the breed club by-laws to do so. As long as people are buying poorly bred Cane Corso for $800-$1200 per puppy, then expect to pay between $1500-$5000 and sometimes more for a superior dog. Ask any breeder, If they tell you that they have not spent upwards of $30,000 or more on dogs for their foundation, or have not gone through many dogs before establishing a foundation, don’t walk away but run… You will thank yourself in the end…. Our prices start at $1500.00 for a companion puppy. Bloodlines and breeding purpose can add to the cost of a puppy. In many cases we will work with a buyer, but if you are looking for a cheap price, there is no need to contact us. If you are looking for quality with an iron clad two year health guarantee, you are in the right place.

Buying a Valkyrie Cane Corso does not have to be a difficult task. Knowing the measures a breeder takes to protect their puppies will help substantially in understanding the steps to purchase a puppy. Many people are use to going to a backyard breeder to buy a puppy as early as 4 weeks of age. This is crazy for both the breeder and the buyer. A puppy needs time to learn from the mother as well as littermates. This helps develop brain activity and stable nerves. You will not get a puppy from Valkyrie Kennels until a minimum age of 8 weeks. If a backyard breeder will allow you to take home a puppy as early as 4 weeks, then they are allowing people to handle them as well. This is a big NO! NO! What about vaccines? Puppy shots are given at 6,9,12, and 16 weeks of age. One of the largest puppy killing viruses, Parvovirus is transferred in many ways and you can not see it. Clothing, ¬†shoes, yard, veterinarian office, dog parks, pet stores, etc….. If a Parvo dog has been anywhere it can leave Parvo in it’s wake then you come along and track the very killer to the puppy. It is fatal to puppies but adults pass it through their system like a cold or flu. For this reason, our puppies are not to be viewed in person by anyone until they have turned eight weeks and even then extra measures are taken to sterilize the person wishing to see the puppies. As far as meeting our adults, you are more than welcome, with the exception of a nursing female for obvious reasons stated earlier. Most of our buyers are spread out through the United States and the World, for this reason we take photos of available puppies once every few weeks and keep their web page current.

If you are purchasing the puppy from us, we have basic guidelines that we follow since most buyers are internet based. First and foremost we will ask you questions just as you would ask us questions. This step is our way of understanding what your needs are of a dog. We know them as well as we know how they will develop in ¬†any situation. We know what temperament goes well with a single person, what goes well with a small child in the home and what goes well with teens etc….. Trust us, we are your best source for everything to do with one of our dogs. We monitor their temperament through testing in puppy-hood and will provide lifetime support. We want nothing more than our dogs to be happy in their forever home and our puppy owners to have the best possible experience with their new companion. Many of our clients place deposits on puppies well before a breeding takes place. This gives them an order of priority within the guidelines of their own needs. It is fine to do so, but please understand that color and size is not how we sell puppies nor will it ever take priority over placing the right temperament in the right home. Besides, If you are searching for a dog of a particular color, you are making a big mistake. We consider color to be a bonus and nothing more. Our deposits are $500.00 and are non-refundable. A deposit is just that, a security to hold a specific puppy for you. The balance is to be paid in full by the age of 6 weeks. We do ear crops starting at six weeks and some buyers do not wish to have ear crops done. Ear crops are $475.00 extra and is a service for convenience that we will provide if requested to do so. This helps most buyers as the maintenance can be tough for a new owner. References are available at any time and most likely one is near you.