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Breeders are in no way equal. Every breeder has their own idea for the perfect dog or own agenda. Some breed strictly for show and some breed strictly for work, but very few truly breed for preservation.

Show breeders tend to follow “The Jones’s” with great intentions. They breed for attributes that alter the dog’s natural ability in exchange for beauty or a certain look that becomes favored by a judicial panel in the show circuit. The desire to win takes on much greater meaning than the natural fluid structure of the dog.

Work breeders follow a completely different path and focus primarily on the dogs ability vs appearance. Performance in a Protection Sport’s arena and aptitude of the dog is of their greatest importance. Much closer to natural than in the show ring, but still losing sight of where the dog came from and their original purpose.

Preservation breeders take on a role to maintain the dogs truest form. Some refer to these dogs as Rustic. To preserve a breed there are no compromises. Purpose is the sole reason for survival of the breed. Every part of a dog has a specific function, from shape and location of the eyes, all the way down to the shape and size of the paw. And yes, even dew claws have purpose!

The original and surviving Cane Corso were bred to protect, hunt, as well as farm. This requires a very versatile dog with the only thing separating them from the nature is man. No one understands this more than a hunter and farmer. This is why the Southern Italian farmer was so devoted to the purest of the Cane Corso and coveted their existence. There are hundreds of Cane Corso breeders around the world, but less than a dozen truly dedicated to the preservation of the Cane Corso. Aside from us, the rest are in Southern Italy. Most of them are still farmers and have been breeding the Cane Corso for 50+ years. We are breeders dedicated to the survival and preservation of the real Cane Corso. 

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