Cane Corso Preservation

SashaHistory serves us well with knowledge. We should learn from the mistakes that have been made time and time again. Anyone that researches the history of the Cane Corso will have a pretty good idea of what these dogs were bred for, why they were nearly extinct, and why they are still near extinction; near extinction in terms of breeding the purpose of the dog out of them and straight into extinction. It is true that the numbers of Cane Corso are growing, but are they really Cane Corso? They look like Cane Corso, but in reality most are what a group of fanciers would like to say the Cane Corso is and have people believe. Sadly, even the look is changing right before our very eyes. The look is changing to a manner that will soon restrict the function of the Cane Corso to the point that it will simply be just another dog.

We love the Cane Corso and wish to keep its history intact. The model for our breeding program is designed for the improvement of the Cane Corso just like all others claim, but we are not solely concerned with the appearance of the dog; nor were the Italians who coveted the breed for centuries. The Cane Corso must be bred properly in order to keep its working abilities intact. This does not mean we do not breed for show quality dogs, we do. However, we will not discredit the dogs within the litter that show heart, focus, drive, and loyalty. Ultimately we strive for a rock solid mind needed for function in all environments that would otherwise be too stressful for the average Cane Corso.

Cane Corso are noted to be a very strong and loyal protector of family and property. However, most breeders tend to breed out the very elements that give the Cane Corso it’s most notable traits. Will their dogs stop an attacker or defend the home? Some Cane Corso will and some will not. The average person is intimidated by the size and appearance of a Cane Corso. Someone experiencing fear when coming into contact with a Cane Corso is sensed by the dog and the dog’s reaction is a vicious sounding bark and lunge. Even the most cowardly Cane Corso will do this, but they will halt if the assailant shows a dominant posture. What would happen if the person has had experience with large, dominant breed dogs? The experienced individual will know instantly that they are in control and that the dog is all bark and no bite. More and more people have owned the garden variety pit bull and Rottweiler, so it only makes sense to examine the mind of the dog and question the temperament. The Cane Corsos’ historical temperament goes with out saying; they were suited to their master’s needs, which bring us to the next point: Will their Cane Corso farm or hunt?

A Cane Corso was vital to production with the country side farmer in many ways. They protected the sheep from predators and thieves as well as bayed and baited hogs and bulls. To the hunter, they were a valuable tool that could be utilized to deal with small and large game no matter how dangerous the game was. From porcupines and badgers to hogs and bear, the Cane Corso fearlessly aided the hunter. We are active small and large game hunters set deep in a farming community. Our Cane Corso are selected in a manner that will preserve their function.

At this time we are one of the few countries still standing whose citizens have the right to bare arms. However, each day the people of the United States are threatened by gun control advocacy. With the possibility of new gun control laws being enacted constantly looming on the horizon, we need to have optional methods for defense and hunting that are effective without the use of firearms. Luckily we are in a state that allows nearly full use of a dog to hunt. In addition, no state has laws banning a dog from protection of self or property.